is a synthesis of yoga & bodywork. It is an experience that incorporates assisted streched & body postures. In Pranassage relaxation is the field in which intuition, meditation, concentration, awareness, integration & healing emerge. A wonderfully healing and intuitive practice rooted in the artful practice of sacred space for human connection.

What will be your experience?

  • Deep relaxation
  • In-depth awareness of body sensations
  • Lightness of being - created by gravity and pressure
  • Energetic alignment and deeper yoga assists in various yoga postures

Who would benefit from pranassage?

  • Anyone seeking deep relaxation and a time to unwind!
  • Anyone wanting to relax and unwind
  • Anyone new to yoga wants to experience gentle introduction to postures
  • Yoga Practitioners who love hands on assists
  • Anyone looking for an alternative massage experience that creates movement of Prana [Life force energy]


Sessions can be held at your home or hotel as well as on location at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort


1 hour | $90

90 min | $120

What to bring/wear

comfortable yoga clothing & water

All Props will be supplied

Pranassage with Yali is out of this world. She will use her Yoga — and her feet and elbows and knees — to help your body to go back into its most perfect alignment. Pranassage with Yali creates an experience that is so much more than massage.
— ELIZABETH SARGENT, Student and client, USA/Costa Rica

Thank you for one of the most fantastic experiences I have had. Not only for a massage but for meeting such an interesting engaging person such as yourself. Massages should always be relaxing, and most of mine have - but the pranassage is over the top. This is a massage that incorporates the usual with the unique. I have never been introduced to yoga - having a pranassage did just that. Flexibility is a must and you found muscles in me that I never knew were flexible! And when you finally said I was in a yoga position, I was so impressed with myself! and what I could do. You have inspired me to find a yoga class and hopefully a pranassage salon here in southeast Wisconsin.
— Sherrie Akinsanya