Almost 20 years ago I discovered the science of the soul – Yoga, and immediately knew I had found my life path. So began my continuing quest to embrace this infinite and sacred art form. Since then I have remained ever grateful for the wisdom and knowledge that my practice has bestowed upon me, and have dedicated my life to sharing these insights via creative, dynamic, and innovative instruction.

I invite you to join me in the idyllic beach town of Nosara, Costa Rica, to partake in an environment designed to explore and strengthen your mind, body and soul. By diving deep, and incorporating a range of styles, I aim to provide all the tools necessary to further evolve your practice.

My yoga offerings are built upon a foundation of Ashtanga Vinyasa, complimented by inquiry-based moving meditations that seamlessly merge tradition with a measured application of contemporary influence and form. The chosen path along the yoga journey varies according to the specific needs of the individual. In light of this, my own practice draws upon trusting my inner voice to instruct me on the requirements of my mind, body, and spirit at any given moment. I believe that strengthening ones connection to oneself provides the optimal platform for anyone seeking to merge the individual self with the universal self, and thus experience the true essence of yoga.

After two decades spent immersed in the study, instruction, and practice of yoga, I have come to believe that my greatest strength is the ability to guide students toward transformation, healing, freedom, contentment, and deep connection, by showing them how to bridge the gap between their practice (sadhana) and their lifestyle.

Yali is a true Yogini on all levels. She is strong in her posture practice but never losses sight that Love is the operative silent partner in all her teaching. She is a woman with a mission and yet always stops to be with you where you are. It is always a pleasure being taught by her.
— AMBA STAPLETON – Director/Founder of Nosara Yoga Institute